Little Discoverers Nursery Provisions

Our Aims

  • To nurture balanced, wholesome, productive British Muslim children who exemplify excellent character in their dealings with people from all faiths and backgrounds.
  • To promote a holistic growth of our children through a faith based education, which is broad, balanced and applicable for children living in the 21st century.

Hands-on Learning

Young children learn by first-hand experience i.e. doing, touching and seeing for themselves through play. Their intellectual, social, emotional, creative and physical development will be catered for by various play activities which we offer at the nursery. Play strengthens the imagination and supports all aspects of development. Play also enables children to concentrate, be inventive and adaptable. We will plan activities across the seven areas of learning to ensure each child receives a broad and balanced curriculum both indoors and outdoors.

Your child’s safety is our primary concern

Our nursery building has a strict door policy and consists of key pad locked doors on all access areas. Our building is fully operated with CCTV; the safety of your child is of paramount important hence the inclusion of finger guard protectors on doors and other safety measures.

You Say, We Do

Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators and have a huge influence on their development. Supporting parents to play an active role in their children’s learning can make a valuable and lasting difference to children’s lives and outcomes. We are extremely passionate with regards to building effective partnerships with our parents at Little Discoverers Nursery.

We want your voice to be heard and through feedback received, we will always look to introduce new initiatives, listen to your viewpoints and adapt accordingly, whilst maintaining your child’s best interest at heart.

Your Child is Unique

At Little Discoverers Nursery, we recognise that every child is a competent learner from birth and that young children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.  Each child is seen as a strong, confident learner with many unique interests.

Building positive relationships is crucial to children becoming strong and independent and for this reason, each child will be allocated to a ‘Key Person’ who is responsible for supporting their learning and development.

Playing for Success

High quality play, both indoors and outdoors underpins all development and learning for young children.  Although most children play spontaneously, we recognise that some children may need adult support to develop play skills.

Through play, in a secure and challenging environment and with effective adult support, children can:

  • Explore, develop and represent learning experiences that help them make sense of the world;
  • Practice and build up ideas, concepts and skills;
  • Learn how to understand the need for rules.

Inclusions at Little Discoverers Nursery

At Little Discoverers we cater to the needs of every child. We track and monitor the progress of each individual child to make sure they are meeting their individual targets. Where a child is not meeting their targets, we plan support and intervention strategies to ensure help is given.

Individualised support (SEND Code of Practice 2014) is provided for all children with special educational needs and disabilities to ensure that they make good progress and reach their potential.

We work together with parents, carers, external agencies and Local Authority to provide the maximum support to our children.

Parent Partnership

At Little Discoverers we strongly believe in working in partnership with parents and carers. EYFS and the needs of each individual child are best met when parents and practitioners work together and communicate effectively. This helps the children to feel secure and thrive to their full potential.