Your Child’s Holistic Development at the core –
A place to Flourish and Grow

Our unique holistic model will focus on the following 8 different literacies:

Spiritual – “Inner peace through mindfulness and consciousness of God”

Children at Little Discoverers will be encouraged to be reflective about their own beliefs, spirituality and mindfulness, that inform their perspective on life and their interest in and respect for different people’s faiths, feelings and values. This will be done through a designated reflection corner.

Moral – “Loving God and loving His creatures through good character.”

Moral lessons will be taught through traditional stories and value-based literature both in English and the Arabic language. Character development will play a major role in our setting. We will constantly look to monitor this and work on each child individually.

Intellectual – “Exercising wisdom by developing critical and creative thinkers”

Creative and thinking activities, both alone and in a group situation, are beneficial to improving intellectual and cognitive skills in children, especially skills such as problem solving, imagination and critical thinking. At Little Discoverers Nursery, children will be encouraged to experiment with creative activities, allowing them to explore different options and develop solutions on their own.

Physical – “A sound heart and mind in a sound body”

The child’s health, strength, good growth and physical fitness contribute directly or indirectly to the holistic development of an individual, to the integrity of his/her personality and their success in the future.

The children will acquire sound nutritional awareness and learn to take care of their physical fitness. They will be guided towards beneficial means of recreation and play, and encouraged to develop methods of personal cleanliness and hygiene.

Interpersonal – “Communicating effectively and relating to others”

As children develop and mix with other children at the nursery and in other social situations they develop a range of interpersonal skills that will become the foundations of their personality in later life.

Children will be given the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions, make independent choices and are able to play and work well with others. At Little Discoverers Nursery, children will be encouraged to learn from one another and work in small groups from a young age. They will learn to listen to each other’s points of view and to respect the views and feelings of others.

Cultural – “Recognising Similarities and Celebrating differences”

The environment created at Little Discoverers Nursery will ensure our children are confident in understanding their cultural identity. This will be achieved through building effective partnerships with parents and planning Super Learning Days which will not only focus on their culture, but introduce them to other cultures too.

Social – “Developing stewardship”

Investing in social literacy will allow our children to social skills, knowledge and positive human values that will give them the ability to act positively and responsibly in range of complex social settings and successfully grow as citizens and lifelong learner.

As ‘social problem solvers’ our children will create a global awareness and their role and responsibility in this fragile planet.

Emotional – “Managing different emotions”

Emotional literacy plays a critical role in a child’s development. Therefore, within our Early Years setting, we will ensure that the environment is emotionally positive and supportive for all learners. Growth is the key objective, and this will be achieved by ensuring our environment nurtures self-esteem, resilience, discipline and empathy.